First Turkish Export Products Exhibitors


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Company Profile


Akdem Dis Tic Ltd Sti

Chickpeas, white beans, red lentil, barbunia, green lentil, macaroni, veeghee, sunflower oil, veeghee


Aksu Vital Dogal Urunler Gida San ve Tic. A. S.

Vitals: Unadulterated Royal Jelly, Untreated    Pollen,Honey Pollen-Royal Jelly Mixtured Pasted for men, Women and kids.

Honey Group: Pure Honey [Pine, Flower, Comb etc.1 Pure Picnic Jar, Easy Use Honey, Pure Honey for Kids.

Meybal Group: Honey-Strawberry Mixture, Honey-­Sour cherry Mixture (a newly developed product by a miraculous mixture of Strawberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Sour Cherry with Honey.)

Pastes for Strength: Strength Pastes for men, women and kids, balsam cucumber.

Slimming Product: Ideal Forms in both Paste & powder, Tyhme Water, Herb Mixtured Tea, Fitoform Capsules.

Tablets & Capsules: Red Ginseng tablets, Fitoform Capsules, Propolis Capsules, Unadulterated Royal Jelly Tablets.

Seeds: Ground Flax Seeds, Ground Grape Seeds.

Molasses: Mulbery Syrups, Grape Syrups, Carob Syrups, Pomegranate Sauce.

Mixtured Nuts with Honey: Honey Snack [Stringing] , Honey Snack [Crushed]



Anadolu El Sanatlan Galerisi

Bowls, jars, plates, balls ceramic decorative gift wares


Ani Tasarim Dekorasyon Reklamcilik ve Tic Ltd Sti

Iznik tiled wooden frame, box, pano, Iznik tile for wall decoration, Iznik tiled jewellery and accessories


Ar Metal Makine ve Yed Parca San Tic Ltd Sti

Powder and granule mixers, liquid and viscous mixers reactors, universal mixers, liquid and powder filling machines, screw conveyors, band conveyors, homogenizer pumps, pressured tanks, reserve tanks, water treatment systems


Arcek Ic ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti

 Water pump, compressor spare parts, oil baffle, stabilizer rep kit, automatic slack adjuster, spring bolt/parts, stabilizer bushing, differential spare parts, roller v-belt, flexible pipe, clutch spare parts, fan hub



Askaya Panel Kapi ve Ahsal Urunleri Ltd Sti

 PVC door panels, PVC sandwich panels, aluminium door panels, aluminium pressed door panels, wood doors, coloured panels, PVC door, windows, shutters, PVC panel garage doors



Atilim Tekstil San ve Tic A. S

 Upholstery velvet fabric, chenille, upholstery car velvet, prayer rugs



Avisan Avlze San Tic Ltd Sti

 Glass chandelier, glass table lamp, glass wall lamp, glass stand lamp, lighting products, glassware, glass



Aycin Cam Susleme San ve Tic Ltd Sti

Water and drinking team (bottle and glasses), sugar case, vase, ellipse type case, vegetable case, tea set, sauce case, perfume bottle, Bose water bottle



Baris Biblo Kristal San ve Tic Ltd Sti

 Glass knickknacks, glass sets, decorative kitchenware products



Bayramlar Yapi San ve Tic Ltd Sti

 Water based paints, plasters, decorative plasters, synthetic paints, water insulation paints, binders


Bifa Biskovi ve Gida San A.S.



Deniz Pazarlama D.T.M San ve Tic A.S.

 Wardrobe, coat stand bunk, desk, cradle, chair, dining table, kitchen table, TV stand, bed, tripod, end table, coffee table


ETC-IS Information System Bllgi Islem Teknoloji A.S.

 Emergency Management Information System / Disaster Management Information System /  Advanced Disaster Management Stimulator / Aircrew Training System / Flight Stimulators / Biomedical


Erdem Paslanmaz Mutfak Esyalan San ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti

Stainless steel flatware, cookware, tea & coffee sets, trays and other service utensils


Gate Elektronik San ve Tic A. S.

 Electronic board test equipment, electronic production, helicopter stimulator, software development


Global Hidrolik Otomotiv San Tic Ltd Sti

Mobil hydraulic equipment hydraulic piston pump, hydraulic gear pumps bent axis piston pump, PTO (power take off), valve, hydraulic and telescopic cylinder, hydraulic components



Graf Ith Ihr ve Turizm Ltd Sti

 Metal played ceramic, earthen, glass souvenir things, painting verse of duran, glass cuil eye, metal keys, glass keys, glass bracelets, glass necklace, politer tinkers and evil eye things, metal hanging evil eye, label carpet hanging evil eye, laber carpet and purse


Guneri Kristal San Tic Ltd Sti

 Crystal animals, figures, candlestick, fruit case, vase, glass, milking machine


Guneri Makine

 Single part milking machine 40 lt.


Hera Kristal - Ali Bahattin Cenkeri

 Crystal chandelier trimmings, crystal figurines, crystal decorative items (photo frames, candle holders, etc) and gift items


Irak Plastik San ve Tic A.S

 Plastic manufacturer kitchen and other house materials, plastic furniture


Isisan Isi San ve Tic A.S.

 ISISAN operating in a covered area of 38.000 sqm (409.000sqftl, is mainly manufacturing storage and transport thanks for LPG chemicals and cryogenic as well as steam or hot water boilers for industrial use. All the products of ISISAN are designed and manufactured according to international codes and certified by world wide recognised authontles. ISISAN has ASME U and S stamp for pressure vessels and power boilers, HP-O from TUV, ISO 9001 from Bureau Veritas presslire



IGEME Export Promotion Center of Turkey

IGEME is the Export Promotion Center of Turkey established in 1960 to promote exports of Turkish products. It is under the supervision of Republic of Turkey, Prime Ministry, Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade. IGEME, as the only non-profit public organization of its kind in Turkey acts as an intermediary in establishing business contacts between Turkish exporters and foreign importers by introducing Turkish businessmen to potential partners or inventors and furnishing foreign importers with detailed information on economic conditions, market prospects, exporters and regulations in Turkey



Istanbul Sanat Urunleri - Nazim Orkl

 Decorative glass, stained glass tiffany, acid gravure decorative mosaic table and panel, decorative mosque and palace ceiling with gold leaf and paint


Iznik Cini ve Seramik lsletmesi

 Iznik quartz tiles, murals, bowls, plates, vases, candle holder etc.


Kocadaglar Mobilya San Tic A. S. (Alpino)

 Modular home furniture, bedroom, dining room, young room, coat stand groups, kitchen & bath


Koza Dis Tic Ltd Sti

 White bean, red speckled kidney bean, chickpeas, lentil, dried apricots, dried figs nuts, seeds


Mersin Ticaret ve Sanayi Odasi

 Catalog, booklets, brochures


Met Mobilya San ve Tic Ltd Sti

 Student desk, student cabinet, KG furniture


Metop Endustriyel Zemlnler Ins San Tic Ltd Sti

* Dry shake hardeners (metop ex. Metop KA sertop, Ripoxon, Titanite, Metoseal Decorative stamped concrete hardener

* Concrete curing and sealing agents Metocure Acr150, Metocure Smr190, Metoseal Renox 100k, Metoseal Renox 205S, Metoseal Renox 300P

* Dustop Liquid hardener

* Polystick, ceramic tile adhesive Polydol ceramic tile grout

* Polystick 1C and Polystick 2C Polyurethane coatings

* Polypropylene Fiber


NZL Tekstil Ins San Tic Ltd Sti

 Skirt, Blouse


Omsan Asansor San ve Tic Ltd Sti

 Elevator cars, doors and components


Oztiryakiler Madeni Esya San ve Tic A. S.

 Industrial kitchen equipments


Pasam Hediyelik

 Meerschaum pipe, Meerschaum knick knack, chess tam, amulet, evil eyes, glass plate (decorative), keys


Pensa Plastik Pencere ve Kapi San ve Tic A. S.

 PVC door and window systems


Reha Sut Mam San Ltd Sti

 Halloumi cheese


Rem Celik End Mlz San Ic ve Dis Tic Ltd Sti

 Steel door


Sarac Yagmurluk Is Giyim Ltd Sti

 Illumination, miniatures, marbung


Sena Kablo San ve Tic Ltd Sti

 Sena Kablo Works on harmonised based electrical cables such as H05W-F, H05V-K, H07V-K, H07V-U, H07V-R, NYY and NYM


Sevin Sanayi M. Salim Koyuncu

 Illumination, miniatures, marbung


Silkcoat Duvar Kaplamalari San ve Tic Ltd Sti


Mineral plaster [silk coat store) silk plaster, decorative plasters effective paints



Solmaz Nakliyat ve Ticaret A. S.

 Mineral plaster (silk coat store) silk plaster, decorative plasters effective paints


SPU - Reklam Ajansi

 Advertising and pr activities services and products food & beverage factory project and practices special product display and stand design



    Flat Glass: Glass products for construction and automotive industries. Clear and tinted float glass, coated heat control and/or solar control glass, insulating glass, figured glass, mirror, safety mirror, tempered glass, laminated glass with acoustic pvb interlayer, curtain wall glass solutions, high transmission tempered low iron glass for thermal systems, automotive glass.

   Glass Tableware: Tumbler, stemware, carafe, jug, plate, bowl, jar, vase, glass, container, ice-cream cup, ashtray, heat resistant items.

Glass Packaging: Glass containers in flint amber and green glass, both returnable and non-returnable, for alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, flood, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries.

Chemicals: Heavy soda ash, light soda ash, sodium bicarbonate and sodium silicate, sodium bichromate, chromic acid and leather chemicals.



Teknik Metal Sis San Tic Ltd Sti

 (High), (Light), (Medium) Load shelves for supper and Hyper Markets and big storage system


Ulker Gida San ve Tic A. S.

 Biscuit, chocolate, confectionery, dairy products, soft drinks, baby foods, culinary products


Yasarlar Kozmetik Medikal San ve Dis Tic A. S.

 Oral care products, personal care products, shaving products, depilatory cream, food care products, toothpaste, tooth power





Hema Endüstri A.Ş.



Salihli Ticaret ve Sanayi Odası



Sağlık End. İşveren. Sendikası



Tarım Ve Köy İşleri Bakanlığı (TEDGEM)